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Trump faces difficulties at home. His approval rating is the lowest of any president at eight months in office in polling back 71 years. The public by 66-28 percent says he’s done more to divide than to unite the country.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

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"Maybe the most horrible thing about having Donald Trump in the White House is the power it gives him to make people talk about Donald Trump. Because, really, that guy is simply disgusting. 

 Oh, and complaining about football is also Trump’s way of distracting you from the fact that it increasingly seems like Robert Mueller is going to come along and say “Get that son of a bitch out of that office, right now.” Which is going to make Mueller the most popular person in the world." --Mark Sumner, daily kos

Saturday, September 23, 2017

No surprise here.

A neo-Nazi plowed his car into a group of people in Charlottesville, North Carolina, last month, killing one young woman and injuring 19 others. Trump responded by saying there were bad people on both sides and that some of those neo-Nazis were "nice people."

An African-American athlete who exercised his Constitutional right of free speech by kneeling for the national anthem as a protest in response to the killings of unarmed African-Americans was called a "son-of-a-bitch" by Trump at a rally in Birmingham, Alabama, last night, where Trump also encouraged the NFL to fire all athletes who peacefully protest and who exercise their Constitutional rights.

Trump showed America and the world his utter contempt for our Constitutional guarantees, while at the same time he reminded us that his sympathies lie with the white supremacists and neo-Nazis and not with American values.

That's what's living in America's White House. 

And that's what the GOP supports.

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Friday, September 22, 2017




The Russia hoax continues, now it's ads on Facebook. What about the totally biased and dishonest Media coverage in favor of Crooked Hillary?

The greatest influence over our election was the Fake News Media "screaming" for Crooked Hillary Clinton. Next, she was a bad candidate!

The LA Times is reporting that Trump's aides cautioned him to NOT attack North Korea's Kim Jong Un in his speech to the UN, and Trump ignored them. He ignored H.R. McMaster and others and recklessly put America and all of us in harm's way.

Donald Trump is the greatest threat facing the United States.

Clueless Trump

Senator Graham brags about who's supporting his and Sen Cassidy's Deathcare bill

Graham on building support for health care: "I've got Alan Greenspan, Jeb Bush, and Steve Bannon. If you can do better than that, call me."
Graham has two rich guys and a Nazi supporting his Deathcare bill.

Senator John McCain just said NO! to Graham-Cassidy Deathcare bill.

Thank you, Senator McCain!

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Ezra Klein:  "Here's the thing: no, Jimmy Kimmel is not a health policy expert. But his position on Graham-Cassidy is shared by basically every health advocacy group in the country, and Cassidy's position is shared by...none of them. 

So if the attack on Kimmel is going to be: you're not an expert! Then implicitly, you're saying, we should listen to the experts. And the experts — from all 50 Medicaid directors to the American Cancer Society to the American Medical Association to the American Diabetes Association to AARP to every health policy expert I've talked to — all say the same thing: this is a bad bill being jammed through a bad process, and the Senate needs to take a breath and start over."

 Medicaid Directors From Red And Blue States Reject Graham-Cassidy Repeal